Community Clips

Community Clips is a knowledge-sharing resource for caregivers, siblings, allies and people living with disabilities. This content will help families to learn about community resources in a meaningful way and to think through a person-centred lens. Our roster of speakers have shared their insights at one of our many events.

Stéphane and Josée Boulanger

Self-Advocate Stéphane and his sister Josée share Stéphane’s story about moving into his own apartment. Stéphane likes to make his own decision and wanted to have greater autonomy – even the small things like being able to pay for his own pizza. They share their journey, how they created a plan, how they executed it. They share how they leveraged community and organizational resources to ensure that Stéphane was able to live his vision- his own home within the community. There is also a robust question and answer period in this powerful video.

Stacey Bielaski and Independent Facilitation

Stacey Bielaski, Self-Advocate, is introduced by her Independent Facilitator Ruth Ann Moore and shares her story. Independent facilitation and a person-centered planning changed her life in a positive and meaningful way 4:00 – 19:00. Ruth Ann and Hélène Courchesne then share the philosophy of Independent Facilitation and person-centered thinking. They share stories and help guide your thinking to start seeing your loved ones for their ability and to help them recognize and realize their dreams.

Janet Klees

Janet Klees, Executive Director of Durham Association for Family Resources and Support, has been involved in the lives of people with disabilities, their families, and allies for over 30 years. She has been involved as the Family Coordinator for 20 years with Deohaeko Support Network. This network of families designed and built a 105-unit housing co-operative. She has also written three books: We Come Bearing Gifts; Our Presence has Roots; Deohaeko Decades. Janet uses a Social Role Valorization framework to inform her thinking and everything she does is rooted within real community. She divides her presentation into three core separate and inter-related topics after first setting the stage outlining her philosophy and experience. Home 20:00 | Housing 40:00 | Support 1h:20.