ABLE2’s vision is an inclusive community where all people are seen as able, important and valued. We work with partners to provide the tools, choices and connections that empower people with disabilities to build lives of meaning and joy. Do you believe in a community that welcomes and values the participation and contribution of all its citizens, including those who live with disabilities? Become a member of ABLE2 today!

Membership includes*: The right to vote at the Annual General Meeting of ABLE2, or the right to a proxy vote at the Annual General Meeting and notice of all ABLE2 hosted events.

*Membership is on a yearly basis and can be purchased at any time. Membership becomes effective on the date the membership request is approved by the Board of Directors of ABLE2. Membership expires at the following Annual General Meeting in the year the membership was purchased.


  • Volunteer Ally, Friend or participant in Person-Directed Planning and Facilitation and Fetal Alcohol Resource Program in 2022-2023 – Membership Fee $5
  • Siblings Group parent, Person-Directed Planning family member, Fetal Alcohol Resource Program family member, Build Community (formerly Lifetime Networks) family member, Board member or Committee member in 2022-2023 – Membership Fee $25


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