Our Board

Board of Directors

Adrian Raghunandan – Board Chair

Why I joined the board? A couple of factors contributed, the first being retirement and the time it afforded me to pursue other opportunities. The second was an interest in contributing to ABLE2 in a capacity other than as an ally to my friend John. I enjoy helping out and being a part of ABLE2 board contributes to a feeling of doing something positive, a way of helping to make things better.

Nick Korpikoski – Treasurer

I joined Able2 to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. Having first-hand experience of living with a sibling who has a disability, I realize the many unique and complex challenges that this entails. ABLE2 helps those with disabilities to live a life that gives them meaning, while also providing the support and resources that are needed. I am grateful to have the opportunity to help Able2 continue to provide all of the wonderful services and programs that it delivers to the community.

Claire Smith – Secretary

I am extremely fortunate to have completely cognitively recovered from a severe traumatic brain injury sustained in 1997: I have a PhD attained post-injury. In an effort to help others who are perhaps not as fortunate as I have been, I am on the board of the Ontario Brain Injury Association and the Accessibility Committee of Leeds and Grenville. Two years ago, I applied to join the ABLE2 board for the same reasons. I feel that I can offer a unique perspective as a board member because of my lived experiences.

Nick Korhonen – Past Chair

Nick is a lifelong proponent of volunteerism and giving back to the communities that serve us all. As a young professional, Nick was looking for a meaningful way to use his skillset to make a positive impact on the lives of others. After months of investigating opportunities with many fantastic organizations across the National Capital Region, he discovered ABLE2, who was soon to need a new Treasurer on the Board of Directors. Nick was inspired by the work that ABLE2 was doing to empower people with disabilities to build lives of meaning and joy, and jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

Frank McNally – Board Member

The mission of ABLE2 to empower people with disabilities to try to live their best lives possible has always resonated with me. Growing up with a disability as a hard-of-hearing individual, I have empathy for the clients that ABLE2 serves because I have felt the challenges that can often come with living with a disability. ABLE2 is an important organization in our community that makes meaningful differences to vulnerable members on critical issues such as access to justice through its Reach Legal Programs. It is a privilege to serve on the board of this organization to help make our disabled community stronger and more inclusive.

Marsha Gilchrist – Board Member

I would like to join the board because I feel like I would be a good asset, I have a lot of good ideas and could learn a lot. I also feel like it’s something I could handle.

(Photo of Marsha at Evening in the Maritimes on May 1st, 2024 with her Ally Meghan Maack, EiTM24 host and CTV News Anchor Graham Richardson, CTV News’ Patricia Boal)

Matthew Sherman – Board Member

I joined ABLE2 to get involved with this great organization. I was looking to volunteer my time on a Board of Directors of an organization with a mission, vision and values, like ABLE2’s. Its mission and values, and emphasis on inclusivity, matters. Having volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters in the past, I saw the direct impact that its programs had on individuals and the community. I was drawn to ABLE2’s Matching Program, which was my introduction to learning more about the organization.

Michael Barak – Board Member

Michael Barak has associated himself and encouraged others in his wealth planning practice to support and volunteer with ABLE2. Michael is proud to have contributed to the ABLE2 Christmas party on behalf of himself, his employees, and the Cooperators, as well as having employees volunteered in ABLE2 events and continue to do so.

Michael grew up with family members who suffered from disability and is providing financial advice to clients and their families who suffer from disabilities.

Michael believes that improving quality of life for people with disabilities is a noble cause and is excited to be associated with ABLE2.

Randy Slepchik – Board Member

Randy Slepchik was a Board Member of and an attorney volunteer with REACH Canada for many years. When REACH was amalgamated into ABLE2, Randy believed he could continue to work toward greater rights and participation for the disability community by working with ABLE2. Randy is legal counsel to many people dealing with disability issues in the workplace as well as to unions that seek strategic counsel in assisting their members with disabilities.

Rick Burns – Board Member

I joined the ABLE2 Board because I wanted to be a positive force in my community. As a long -term volunteer ally, I can personally attest to the power of ABLE2’s matching programs – it has enriched my life tremendously, as well as the life of my good friend, Andy. The matching program is so simple yet can be so impactful. Just by showing up and sharing some time, one can make such a difference in someone else’s life. The world needs more friendship, kindness and connection, and I cannot think of any other volunteer experience that could be as personal and rewarding. My involvement has been such a positive experience and I feel privileged to deepen my engagement with ABLE2 through my participation on the Board.

Tanya Singhal – Board Member

Registered Physiotherapist, ADP authorizer, Advanced Vestibular Therapist TMJ certified therapist and Concussion certified therapist, and Clinic Director at Stayfit Physio and Spinal Decompression Centre Being a Registered Physiotherapist for over 19 years, I have been working very closely with people with disabilities. Having served them in various settings like outpatient clinics, community, hospitals, retirement homes and nursing homes, I’ve become aware of the barriers and challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. That is primarily why I decided to commit to ABLE2 so that I could do my bit in creating a society where individuals, irrespective of their disabilities could manage their conditions and reach the fullness of their abilities and ensure improved effectiveness and ease in their everyday work and personal lives.

Viji Sundaram – Board Member

I have been part of the Matching Program for the past 20 years. I have enjoyed being part  of ABLE2 events and picnics over the years. I have been impressed with the programs at  ABLE2 and their impact on the community. I believe deeply in the importance of creating a more inclusive and equitable society. By being part of the board, I have the opportunity to contribute to strategic initiatives and programs. It has been an extremely rewarding experience