Community Clips

Community Clips is a knowledge-sharing resource for caregivers, siblings, allies and people living with disabilities. This content will help families to learn about community resources in a meaningful way and to think through a person-centred lens. Our roster of speakers have shared their insights at one of our many events. If you’d like to attend one of our knowledge transfer events where you can connect with families and have your personalized questions answered follow us on social media or check our Seeding Innovation Through Knowledge Workshop Series page for upcoming events.

3rd Annual FASD Symposium: Fostering Healthy Growth

Understanding the interaction between FASD, trauma, attachment and sensory is crucial to building the best strategies for healthy growth for each individual. Participants of this breakout session will: 1 Recognize how the roots of behaviour effect and influence each other 2 Identify how behaviour is an expression of the interaction of FASD, trauma, attachment and sensory processing vulnerabilities 3 Discover how to build strategies for healthy growth-based on the clues provided by the behaviour Presented by: Tanya Eichler, Psychotherapist and Janet Carioni, Occupational Therapist.

Caroline Granger

Caroline Granger est la directrice de Valor & Solutions de Prescott-Russell. Elle est une experte au niveau des rôles sociaux valorisés (RSV), pour avoir bénéficié de l’enseignement de Raymond Lemay, qui représente l’un des principaux penseurs des rôles sociaux valorisés (RSV). Elle présente l’histoire des RSV et la participation communautaire. Elle met l’emphase sur l’importance de l’approche centrée sur la personne lorsqu’il s’agit de créer une bonne vie.

3rd Annual FASD Symposium: Navigating the School System

This session will help participants understand the educational system in relation to students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. We will unpack the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC) process so a parent, caregiver or support/school staff can better support the child/student as they navigate their way through school. Strategies to be used in the classroom will also be explored. Presented by: Sharon Lerher, MSW, RSW Chief Social Worker Ottawa Catholic School Board Karen Konrad Education Consultant Ottawa Catholic School Board.