What Type of Community Do You Want to Live In?

It is sad that in 2022, those who live with disabilities are still marginalized and are not treated fairly and equitably.

There are many instances of this unfair and inequitable treatment but the one I would like to highlight today is accessible transportation in Ottawa.

Transportation is central to a person’s independence and well-being. Access to reliable and affordable transportation is needed for employment and personal appointments.

In Ottawa, there are not enough adapted taxis and ParaTranspo continues to be unreliable. This situation reduces the ability of people with disabilities to find and hold jobs and participate in community life. Basic rights that those of us who are able-bodied do not think about.

As you meet your candidates for Mayor and council, please ask them what they are planning to do to improve transportation for people with disabilities. The way we treat vulnerable populations says a lot about our society. What type of community do you want to live in?

Published by

Heather Lacey

Experienced Non-Profit Executive Director

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