Federal Budget 2024: Canada Disability Benefit

When the Canada Disability Benefit Act was introduced in June of 2022, it sparked hope for many, it made us believe that this would be a way of addressing poverty and enhancing the financial security of Canadians with disabilities.

When the 2024 Federal Budget was presented it provided 1.4 billion per year for the Canada Disability Benefit program. The program is based on a maximum benefit of $2,400 per year/$200 per month for low-income individuals with disabilities. While this is a positive step forward it falls far short of meeting the urgent needs of people living with disabilities in Canada.

There are over 1.5 million people with disabilities in Canada, this benefit program would only make the benefit available to about 600,000 individuals whose eligibility will be based on the Disability Tax Credit, to make matters worse the program will not be fully implemented until 2028 and only at the 1.4 billion level. This program will not adequately address the needs of the disability community in Canada. We can do better!

It’s crucial that we, as citizens of Canada, continue to advocate and work towards building a more inclusive society. We must be supporters, advocates, champions and allies to people with disabilities in our community. We need to continue to remind the government of their promise to people with disabilities, and to all of us that regardless of ability all people will be treated with dignity, and respect and seen as valuable, able and important.

Published by

Heather Lacey

Experienced Non-Profit Executive Director

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