FASD Support Group

03 Feb, 2021

The FASD Support Group of Ottawa combines an opportunity for people with FASD, or suspected FASD, their caregivers and all those in their life circle, who are touched by FASD to receive support from peers and professionals. 

We have smaller, intimate breakout rooms for participants to safely share what is on their minds and what is their immediate concerns, as it relates to their day to day lives with FASD.  

As well, there are ongoing opportunities for formal education on topics related to FASD.  We have regular guest-speakers and also our FARP team experts who also teach/facilitate to help people with FASD and the people in their life circle to learn about FASD and support each person to live to their full potential. 

This is an open group.  We invite people with FASD or suspected FASD to attend, along with caregivers, extended family members, friends and professionals. This group is open to anyone who wants to seek more knowledge about FASD and to receive professional and peer support.  All are welcome. 

There is no cost to attend the group through the generous support of Health Nexus. 

Meeting Details

The group meets on the first Wednesday of every month from October to June. Currently, the group is meeting via the Zoom platform.

Upcoming Meeting

Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

To Attend: You must register to be sent a link to attend the meeting – https://bit.ly/3nzcv4x

Facilitator: Justine Kruz, BSW Student. Justine is a former Teacher, and more significantly, she is a parent with lived experience. Justine is doing her second BSW practicum placement at FARP. 

Meeting Topic: Beyond Behaviours, Using Brain Science and Compassion to Understand and Solve Children’s Behavioural Challenges

Our Facilitator, Justine Kruz, will share some of the many strategies discussed in the book, Beyond Behaviours, Using Brain Science and Compassion to Understand and Solve Children’s Behavioural Challenges, written by Mona Delhooke, PhD. This book provides insights into working with children who have challenging behaviours and it gives caregivers tools that can help them to look beyond what they see, and to understand the reasons behind the behaviours. This month’s presentation will include time for participants to discuss current struggles and challenges that they are experiencing, and how the concepts in Beyond Behaviours could be applied to create positive outcomes for their children. This is an open group and everyone who is touched by FASD is welcome to attend: people with a diagnosis of and/or suspected FASD, caregivers, professionals, extended family, friends and neighbors.  All are welcome, so feel free to share our ZOOM link. 

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