FASD Group of Ottawa

05 Jan, 2022 - 01 Jun, 2022

The FASD Group of Ottawa combines an opportunity for people with FASD, or suspected FASD, their caregivers and all those in their life circle, who are touched by FASD to receive support from peers and professionals. 

We have smaller, intimate breakout rooms for participants to safely share what is on their minds and what is their immediate concerns, as it relates to their day to day lives with FASD.  

As well, there are ongoing opportunities for formal education on topics related to FASD.  We have regular guest-speakers and also our FARP team experts who also teach/facilitate to help people with FASD and the people in their life circle to learn about FASD and support each person to live to their full potential. 

This is an open group.  We invite people with FASD or suspected FASD to attend, along with caregivers, extended family members, friends and professionals. This group is open to anyone who wants to seek more knowledge about FASD and to receive professional and peer support.  All are welcome. 

There is no cost to attend the group through the generous support of Health Nexus. 

Meeting Details

The group meets on the first Wednesday of every month from October to June. Currently, the group is meeting via the Zoom platform.

Upcoming Meetings

Date: Wednesday, January 5,2022 | Wednesday, February 2, 2022 | Wednesday, March 2, 2022 | Wednesday, April 6, 2022 | Wednesday, May 4, 2022 |

Time: 7:00-9:00 pm

To Attend: You must register to be sent a link to attend the meeting –https://able2-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/uJ0uduGgpjItESLOQll7fja-NobDclno8w

May Speaker: Shai Rowan

May Meeting Topic: Shai will be discussing the CHEO Multidisciplinary FASD Assessment Clinic.

In 2021 the Ontario government funded CHEO to establish a multi-disciplinary Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Assessment Clinic for children, youth, and adults in the Champlain region. Shai Rowan, MSW, RSW, Social Worker on CHEO’s FASD Multi-disciplinary Assessment Team will provide updates on the clinic as it marks one year of serving the community. CHEO’s multi-disciplinary FASD Assessment team includes a social worker, neuropsychologist, psychometrist, occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist, and physicians. The clinic started seeing patients in April 2021 and presented to the FASD Group of Ottawa in June of last year. 

April Speaker: Tracy Moisan

April Meeting Topic: Tracy Moisan will lead a discussion about how the book FASD & Me can be used by caregivers and professionals alike to support children and youth with FASD. 

In her role with Adopt4Life, Tracy Moisan leads marketing and community engagement strategies that build awareness and understanding of the needs of adoptive families. As an adoptive parent herself, Tracy deeply understands the complexities inherent in adoption and the need for ongoing, trauma-informed, attachment-centered supports for families and youth. As a founding member and past director of two parent support networks for families and individuals with FASD, Tracy has helped to build effective peer support relationships that improve parent and caregiver mental health and resiliency. Tracy is also the Program Director for the National Consortium on Aggression toward Family/Caregivers in Childhood and Adolescence (AFCCA). She is a passionate advocate for increased understanding of neurodiversity and neurodevelopmental disabilities. She is an advocate for deepening family engagement in research and has partnered on multiple research studies herself sharing her lived experience. Tracy also brings 25+ years’ experience in leading and implementing engaging marketing, communications, and community engagement strategies, spanning the technology and non-profit sectors.  Tracy is based in Ontario, Canada.

March Speaker: Monika Ferenczy

March Meeting Topic: How to navigate the school system and advocate for your child, youth or young adult with special needs

Monika Ferenczy was born in Montreal and educated in French and English public, Catholic and private schools in Quebec and Ontario, obtaining her BA and BEd at the University of Toronto and her MEd with a concentration in Leadership in Education from the University of Ottawa.

Her qualifications include a Specialist in Special Education and Principal’s qualifications, an additional qualification in Education Law from the Ontario Principals’ Council and she served on the elected council of the Ontario College of Teachers as vice-chair of the Discipline Committee and Editorial board. Monika completed a Certificate in Education Law and most recently a Certificate in Human Rights Law for Education Professionals, both from York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School.

As an Education Consultant heading up Horizon Educational Consulting, Monika provides information, support and guidance to parents with the Ontario school system, particularly parents of children with special needs.

She has also led workshops and seminars for parents and educators at local, provincial and national conferences. She is qualified to evaluate students for academic assessments using standardized tools to supplement data obtained from school-based reporting.

Monika is an author of three published books and was the Education columnist for Ottawa Woman newspaper, and published yearly research reports in collaboration with law students to enhance public policy and practice in public education.

Through an analysis of systemic gaps in the students’ best interest and recommendations to government, her contributions to advocacy and social justice initiatives are growing.

She is often sought out by journalists in print, and radio and television hosts across Canada as an education expert to comment on current trends and events impacting education. Her work can be found at www.horizoned.ca

Monika will provide information and guidance with IEP and IPRC processes, school choice, program and support requests,  transition planning and complaint processes. She will explain the importance of documenting communication and having current paperwork in the students Ontario School Record file.  The difference between accommodations and modifications to student programming will be explained in the context of future implications in high school courses, post-secondary education and workplace career paths. New information on how AODA and the Ontario Human Rights Code is impacting current school board practice and Ministry of Education policy and guidelines will be highlighted for parents to know how to advocate in the student’s best interest.

February Speaker: Elspeth Ross

February Meeting Topic: Elspeth Ross will talk about the history of the FASD Community Fund and invite applications. She is the parent of two young men with FASD. She founded and organized the FASD Group of Ottawa for many years.

A new flyer and application form will be provided for the fund. She will also talk about how to donate to the fund and obtain a charitable receipt.

This is a chance to us all to share and learn about experiences with a variety of Ottawa programs and activities and get ideas of what children and adults  could do in future.

January Speaker: Sabrina Peacock

January Meeting Topic: What the heck is self-care anyway?

Sabrina is a Registered Yoga Teacher, FASD Worker, and she is striving to become a Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapist. Working in the field of FASD opened her eyes and heart to wanting more out of self-care. Sabrina is passionate about bringing yoga therapy tools to everyone who can’t touch their toes, or maybe touching their toes is not their life goal. The reality is mainstream meditation and mindfulness strategies do not work for everyone.

This session is created for anyone who wants to take their self-care routine beyond the bubble bath, going shopping or meeting up with friends. All of the above can make us feel better, but sometimes life gets in the way, and we can’t access those tools daily. We end up feeling internal guilt that can turn quickly into shame. If shame is not self-fostered safely, it can gravitate to blame. Blame doesn’t make anyone feel good.

In This Session

•Education around why the self-care strategies you read online might not work for you

•Simple yoga therapy tools to bring back safety to your body and nervous system

•Short chair yoga and meditation practice

Funding generously provided by


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