Colouring without limits to help alleviate stress and anxiety

Adult coloring helps to cope with stress and anxiety, and it helps people with disabilities and it does not define ages.

As a kid you might have picked up on a rainy day a coloring book and crayons, the ones that smelled so good or those smelly markers and colored from your childhood.  Now it’s like the thing of the past brought to the future. It is a wave of fresh air and an acceptance. A happy hobby or place to unload your mental mood – all people of ages color and there’s no limit of books either. You can buy books online at amazon, chapters or Coles, some of the places where I bought some.

In fact, I did not know this, but you can even color the books in the library and return them. One of my friends told me this and I had no idea but thrilled at this because it’s like creating a story and then asking the next person to carry on the story only in coloring book form. 

The best thing about adult coloring is that there are no rules. You are your own creator. You can color inside the line, outside the line, or even shade the image or whatever type of marker or pen you wish to use. There really isn’t a limit.

I hope you enjoy the aspects of adult coloring and what it means to me as a hobby.

I am Julie Cashman Chair of CAC and Board Member of ABLE2.

Thank you for reading.

By Julie Cashman