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Restez au courant de ce qui se passe à ABLE2 et dans la communauté des personnes handicapées d’Ottawa grâce aux articles du blog LinkedIn de Heather Lacey, directrice exécutive expérimentée à but non lucratif d’ABLE2.

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  • Canadian Disability Programs

    I have been watching how the disability benefit programs are developing for both the province of Ontario and the federal government. Patience remains the watch word for Ontario residents with disabilities as the federal senate debates a new Disability Benefit that would add federal dollars on top of provincial support allowances and other income sources (CPP, veteran’s

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  • In Honor of Black History Month

    In recognition of Black History Month, I wanted to share research that has been done on the additional barriers that people of color with disabilities face in addition to managing their daily health conditions. “Disability organizations in general “don’t talk about race, and specifically racism and anti-Black racism,” says Sadora Asefaw, who studied the experiences

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  • Thank-you David Onley

    I would like to recognize and thank David Onley, Ontario’s 28th Lieutenant Governor who passed away on January 14th for his service. It is not often that we see representation of people with disabilities in community and leadership roles. We appreciate the role model Mr. Onley was for the disability community when he was with

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  • Alcohol Consumption for Pregnant Women

    Last week, you probably heard the news about the release of the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) new report on guidelines for alcohol consumption. The CCSA wanted to bring the existing Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines in line with the latest evidence on alcohol consumption health and safety risks. We were pleased to see

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  • Disability & Dignity

    As an organization, ABLE2 works with partners to provide the tools, choices and connections that empower people with disabilities to build lives of meaning and joy. One of the ways we do this is to support initiatives that call on local, provincial and federal governments to implement measures that help people with disabilities to build

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  • Everyone in Canada should be able to travel freely, independently, and with dignity

    Last month I talked about the inequitable treatment of those who live with disabilities with respect to transportation options in Ottawa. This month I want to highlight the treatment of people with disabilities who travel further afield. The Canadian Human Rights Commission recognizes the barriers and discrimination that people with disabilities who rely on mobility aids, service

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  • What Type of Community Do You Want to Live In?

    It is sad that in 2022, those who live with disabilities are still marginalized and are not treated fairly and equitably. There are many instances of this unfair and inequitable treatment but the one I would like to highlight today is accessible transportation in Ottawa. Transportation is central to a person’s independence and well-being. Access

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  • Thoughts on Empathy

    As National Volunteer Week wraps up, I have given much thought to this year’s theme of empathy. As the world opens up after two years of isolation and lockdowns, empathy is what will help us move forward as we try to navigate an increasingly complex world.   Empathy is like a muscle that you must use

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