What is Financial Planning? Grow Education Series

31 Mar, 2021

ABLE2 is offering a series of virtual workshops to help families create a safe and secure future for a loved one with a disability.

Workshop Description

The current pandemic environment has made many of us, including people with disabilities and their families, more aware of important issues, one of which is the world of personal finance. It is often filled with jargon and role titles that are frankly less than clear.  For many of us we plan regularly, we plan where we go, what we do, even our list of items to purchase at the grocery store.  However, a financial plan to many can seem daunting or unclear as to what the anticipated outcome may be and contribute to stress and anxiety.  You will be walked through what exactly a financial plan is, how you can develop one, what problems it can solve for you, and how it should be used.  We will discuss which documents you should have by your side in advance of sitting down to discuss planning.  What questions should you ask yourself in order to maximize the experience.  What deliverables should you direct a planner to provide you.  How you should use this document as a measuring stick for everything in your financial life, from pace to debt repayment, ensuring you have enough money under a variety of circumstances, what could or should occur in various scenarios, whether you are maximizing benefits through work, how to measure the performance of your investments, and whether you are on pace to support your own personal and family goals.  Our hope is that you walk away from this session comforted to know that you have a strong understanding of what financial planning is, and how it can assist you in measuring, monitoring and achieving your personal and family objectives.

Who should attend?

Parents and caregivers of a loved one with a disability and professionals in the community.

Workshop Details

Facilitator: Rob Meredith & Hélène Courchesne

Day & Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm

Cost: $0 for people with disabilities, families and unpaid caregivers – This workshop is partially funded by the MCCSS, through an initiative supporting the mental health of adults with developmental disabilities, families and (unpaid) caregivers.

Registration: Please register using the link below. Registered participants will be sent the Zoom link to access the workshop prior to the workshop.


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