Relating and Responding to Mental Health for people with disabilities and their families

15 Apr, 2021

ABLE2 is offering a series of virtual workshops to help families create a safe and secure future for a loved one with a disability.

Workshop Description

Mental Health during COVID 19 is important for everyone, including people with disabilities and their families. This webinar will focus on warning signs that indicate poor or worsening mental health as well as active communication skills that can be used to create psychological safety and promote open and honest communication while breaking down stigma.

Participants in this workshop will gain a deeper awareness of a variety of warning signs that indicate they or someone they care for might be experiencing poor or worsening mental health. Participants will have the opportunity to learn active communication skills they can use to address their care and concern about a friend, family member, or colleague’s mental health as well as a basic understanding of the community resources that are available for help.

Date: Thursday April 15, 2021

Time: 6:30 PM-8:30 PM

Facilitators: Breanna Pizzuto & Hélène Courchesne

Cost: $0 for people with disabilities, families and unpaid caregivers – This workshop is partially funded by the MCCSS, through an initiative supporting the mental health of adults with developmental disabilities, families and (unpaid) caregivers.

Registration: Please register using the link below. Registered participants will be sent the Zoom link to access the workshop prior to the workshop.


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