FASD Symposium

26 Jan, 2021

What is it?

The FASD Symposium is Eastern Canada’s largest annual gathering of everyone connected to the FASD community. This one-day interactive, educational event, with content available in English and French, attracts 300+ people each year. Our theme for 2020 is ‘Managing Challenging Behaviours in Children, Youth and Adults with FASD’.

Who Attends?

  • People with FASD
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Families and Caregivers of People with FASD
  • Educators
  • Justice Professionals
  • Social Services Professionals
  • Those with an interest in FASD

Event Details

Where: Virtually

When: Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Who: People Impacted by FASD Across Canada and the United States

Why:  To learn how to better manage challenging behaviours in children, youth and adults with FASD

What to Expect from the FASD Symposium

Schedule of Events

Our 2021 virtual edition of the FASD Symposium will include a variety of on-demand and live content in both English and French that delegates can enjoy from the comfort of home or office, including:

Your registration to the FASD Symposium entitles you to attend the breakouts, activities and presentations that are part of the conference program. Some aspects of the event will be delivered live at the date and times indicated on the published schedule of events. You must attend in real time (virtually) to receive the live content. A recording of the live-streamed content may also be added to the platform at the end of the day. Additional content will be pre-recorded and provided on-demand. The on-demand content will be released on the event technology platform on the day of the event and will be available online up to 7 days post-event along with any recorded live-streamed content.

Our conference schedule is being updated regularly. Check back for the latest additions of topics and speakers.

Why Should You Attend?

This Symposium is for anyone who recognises that they interact regularly with people with FASD – at work, at school, at home and in the community – and want advice on strategies to improve these interactions. If you want to learn more about how to support people with FASD, need support yourself, or wish to learn from others, the FASD Symposium is for you.

This conference is designed to not only provide tools for working with individuals with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, but will also provide in-depth learning for those working in the education, health, mental health, child development, law enforcement, corrections, child welfare, and social services sectors.

We all have a role to play in increasing awareness about how alcohol impacts unborn babies, and supporting people with FASD and their families. FASD affects +/– 1.5 M Canadians – There is no safe amount, no safe type, and no safe time to drink alcohol during pregnancy.


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